A Dying Man's Plea for Help
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A Dying Man's Plea for Help

Can you guys please help my friend and his family and do a story for him so he can hopefully find a donor! He barely made it through the night, it's not like he is some obese person that needs a kidney because he doesn't take care of himself; he is a great person who was born with degenerative kidney disease.... (Please help! Posted on Koin 6 News Facebook page.)

I was on my facebook reading through my news feed when I saw something on Koin 6’s page. I clicked on the link and what I read surprised me. The post was from someone named Chelsy directed to Koin 6 pleading for help. I read the post and scrolled down only to find several other posts similar to the first one I had read with no responses from Koin 6 at all. The post read, “Can you guys please help my friend and his family and do a story for him so he can hopefully find a donor! He barely made it through the night, it's not like he is some obese person that needs a kidney because he doesn't take care of himself; he is a great person who was born with degenerative kidney disease.... Please help! He is at providence Portland! His name is Mike Trad!!! I see lots of story's to fill your news up that are kind of pointless so why not help him, his fiancé and family?! Please!

The post was from Wednesday July 20th, but when I scrolled down the page I saw a second post from about an hour earlier that read, “Mike Trad is in the hospital right now, he is in desperate need of a kidney right now! Dialysis has not worked and he almost didn't make it through the night! He needs a match now! Anyone who is o+ o- or a+ type 2 and would like to see if they are a match please contact me so I can direct you to the family, thank you!!!!! Please pray for him and his family!!!

Both posts were from the same person, Chelsy. I knew it wasn’t a money scam because she was only looking for help to find a kidney transplant and not asking for money at all. Aside from me only a couple other people even replied to the post and none of them were Koin 6. I know Koin 6 and any other news organization can’t cover everything or have to follow guidelines but you would think at least a response to these posts pleading for their help was in order, at least.

Of course I had to post a response on the thread. Trying to be helpful and supportive I posted, “I would be surprised not to see Koin 6 act on something like this. Sorry to hear about your friend Chelsey. I have many friends who are or have been afflicted with kidney or some other form of cancer so you and your friend have my sympathy as well as my empathy. I survived kidney cancer as a child because I received aid from the right organizations. Keep looking and never give up hope.”

Chelsy replied back with another post that showed her dismay for her friend. She wrote, “A lot of his friends are military so none of us can donate because we will get discharged! I guess his work called a few news stations and were told they wouldn't do a story because so many people need transplants ... Well its one thing if it's someone with a disease, another with just a person who didn't take care of theirself I don't feel sorry for the ones who have a choice, he doesn't have a choice... He had two seizures last night almost didn't survive one.”

A second friend of the dying man, Mike Trad posted, “Please please help. I have all the info you need on my page. He is going to die if he doesn't get the miracle he deserves. He hasn't been himself for the last two years. He is slowly falling apart. My fiancé who has been friends with him for 10 years has never seen him like this and Mike's mom and Dad fell apart last night at the thought of losing their son. They've never seen him go through a seizure before. After mike came to, he had no idea who he was and where he was last night. His second seizure was 5 1/2 minutes long and that should have put him in a coma but he pulled through. Please Koin do this story on him and find him the help that he and his family desperately needs so that they don't lose him. I beg of you guys.”

It is sad to read stories such as these where one man pleads for help and few even acknowledge him. It is a fact that he is not alone out there and the only one in need of a kidney transplant but I think acknowledging him is the least someone should do when a direct plea for help is posted on their page. I don’t know if Koin 6 doing a story would save this man, but it seems to be his dying wish that a news organization try. My prayers go out to you and everyone else in the same or similar situations, Mike Trad.

My source for this article came from this link:  www.facebook.com/KOINLocal6/posts/10150380698854922

For more information about me as a writer, please check out http://kevin-davison.webnode.com/, http://authorkevincdavison.blogspot.com/, and http://write-for-a-cause.blogspot.com/.

Article by Kevin C Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”

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Comments (6)

Everyone should email, call, or write the local newspapers. the TV stations are not going to want all that negative publicity and the papers just might capitalize on the positive reaction they would get by running the story. Those stations shouldnt have deleted pleas for help, they are supposed to share what is happening in the community...Not shove it under the rug. I will sending an email. Will YOU?

Ranked #9 in Media

Oh, what a sad story. perhaps people are afraid it is a scam. Others just don't care because they are too busy with their facebooking. I hope he will get over it. I pray.

Ranked #6 in Media

I think that was why they wanted the news to cover the story. If the news covered then you know they would research it and find out whether or not it was a scam. I've stayed in contact via FaceBook and I guess he is now on home dialysis and was released from the hospital Saturday the 23rd.

Ranked #6 in Media

Great idea Candace. I will forward the comment to those involved.

Ranked #4 in Media

Very sensitive discussion of this sad story.

Ranked #6 in Media

Good news to those of you following this article thread. Mike Tad has since had a kidney transplant at OHSU and is doing well last I heard. Keep making a difference.