A Movie Review of The Next Three Days (2010)
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A Movie Review of The Next Three Days (2010)

romance, drama and crime blended with an amazing story forms the next three days directed by paul haggis.

The next three days is a movie directed by Paul Haggis, starring Russell l Crowe, Elizabeth Banks. It has a good rating of 7.3 in the internet movie database (imdb.com) and a friend recommendation led me to watch this movie. The next three days, has quiet a slow start initially but the twists and turns makes the movie quite tense and racy.

The story of the next three days is about a couple and their six year old kid. The mom, Laura Brennan is accused of killing her boss after having a fight with her the same evening. Someone had seen her leaving the crime scene and her fingerprints were also found on the murder weapon. This is proof enough and the court imprisons her for life but has she really done the murder? Her husband John Brennan does not believe so. He tries his best to release his wife from the case but the evidence is quite strong.

The first half is an emotional journey through the film. Russell crowe’s acting is good and his somber face urges you to empathize with his distress. He watches his wife struggling to be apart from her six year old kid Luke and the gradual indifference he shows towards his mother. This mentally forces him to take steps to make things better and back to normal. He tries to plan the escape of his wife from prison but has no clue as to how he can go about doing things.

The next three days is a good blend of romance and crime. it  has a very intricate screenplay done by Paul Haggis and latter half of the movie is racy and tense. Plan A or even having a plan B can not help sometimes as things go haywire when you least expect it. Russell crowe's spontaneous tackling of such situations is a treat to watch.

He is the soft hearted, gentleman who’s a family guy, but the actions he is forced to do for the happiness of his family is quite sweet and shocking at times too. There are a few touching scenes in the movie that highlight the sense of commitment or love which is very pleasing to watch

The movie is about crime, drama and romance in a good package which has high quotient of entertainment and keeps you at the edge of the seat.  You can watch the trailer of the movie by clicking here.

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Outstanding review.

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