How to Prepare for a Guest Appearance on the Radio
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How to Prepare for a Guest Appearance on the Radio

Learn how to prepare for a guest appearance on the radio.

At one time or another n our lives, we have to get in front of a group of people to speak. Weather if it’s to present last quarter’s financial findings to your department, or if it’s to address your family as the best man or maid of honor at a wedding. To most, public speaking is a source of stress and many of us would like to do nothing more than to avoid the entire situation all together. If you fall into this population where public speaking is as frightening as swimming in shark infested waters, there bad parts is, that if you want to be a leader, you will have to conquer this fear.

Mind Over Matter

It has been widely documented that one man can lift an automobile to save the life of another. This is said to be caused due to the extra adrenaline which is running through their body. Some simply say that it was that person’s want and believe that they had the ability to do so. If you have fear in public speaking or appearing on the radio, nature will take its course and release an additional amount of adrenaline. Harness this new found energy the same way the aforementioned man did when attempting to save a life. Believe in yourself and channel that extra energy.

A.C.T. It Up

Remember back in highschool when we were preparing for those dreadful standardized tests which were supposed to garner us a spot in the top Ivy League universities through out the country? Despite if it worked for you or not, the tedious preparation and reading sample questions over and over has placed a permanent dent in most of our minds. Needless to say, that the same kind of preparation does not need to be conducted in order go on the radio, but taking a page for that ol’ notebook could not hurt. If you have the ability, listen to past shows and compose a few prepared statements. When composing these questions, make an effort to think outside the box, paying close attention to be prepared for hard opposition.

There are not too many people who have no fear in the world, and you will be hard pressed to find a person who does not harbor some reservation when it comes to public speaking; to include making an appearance on the radio. The fact is, with a little preparation and a whole lot of self confidence, those fears will be diminished to a thing of the past.

About the Author:

A former military intelligence non-commissioned officer, Kareem Simpson is the owner and lead consultant of BookMark Online ( and has a degree in Korean Studies from Monterey Peninsula College and in the process of completing a degree in Economics. He has also been published in several print journals to include the following; The Covingtonian, The Anchor (Northern Kentucky University’s Black Faculty/Staff annual publication) and The Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky.

As a professional researcher, Kareem has also written scholarly material including “Information: The Perfect Economic Good” and “African American Students Capitalizing on the Change Occurring in Academic Libraries”, which was presented at the 2006 Kentucky Association for Blacks in Higher Education Annual Conference.

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