How to Watch Hulu From Europe
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How to Watch Hulu From Europe

It's too bad that Hulu doesn't broadcast outside of the USA, but with a vpn you can watch Hulu from Europe. It's very simple to find a vpn service, and getting started will only take a few minutes.

Watching Hulu from Europe really isn't that difficult. Despite the fact that Hulu only broadcasts to American IP addresses, it is possible to change your IP address and watch Hulu from Europe.

First you need to choose a vpn company. With hundreds of vpn companies out there, this can be a daunting task for someone who is unfamiliar with vpn's, what they're for, and how to choose one to watch stream Hulu in Europe. There are lots of options, and if you're the impatient kind, it could be frustrating. The two main points when choosing a vpn to watch Hulu in Europe are these.

a. Get an IP address in the USA

b. Get the right vpn protocol

In general, mobile devices should use PPTP or L2TP protocols. Most vpn companies will have both available, and when you download a vpn package you will not have to choose which to download - the choice will come when you turn on the vpn in your mobile device.  For desktops and laptops you should choose SSL/OpenVpn. While PPTP and L2TP are also options, in general SSL is more secure and will give you better results.

Because Hulu only streams to IP addresses in the USA, it's important that you get a vpn company with servers in the USA. Connecting to a server in the USA means that you with have an American IP address, and will then be able to watch Hulu anywhere in the world.

Other than these two points, the rest if fluff.

Once your vpn is downloaded, installation is relatively easy. Some services like 12vpn make sure that installation can be done even by five-year old who is juggling at the same time. (Was that analogy clear? I mean that it doesn't involve a lot of concentration) Other's installation may be a bit more involved, but again, it should take about ten minutes tops.

If you're on a mobile device like iPad, you've got to find the vpn option in your device. This should be relatively obvious. If not, a search in Google could help you find it. A simple turning "on" will suffice. You won't have to worry about "ports" and "IP's". Choose a server location in the USA.

If you're on a laptop you need to click the OpenVpn desktop icon, right click the icon that appears in the system tray, and again, choose a server location in the USA. Click connected.

Once you have connected (usually takes a few seconds) you can go to the Hulu site and watch Hulu from Europe or anywhere abroad!

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