News From the Muse, Strange but True April 12, 2012
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News From the Muse, Strange but True April 12, 2012

More stories of the strange and bizarre from The Muse. Human nature is a funny thing and people do the strangest things in strange situations. Here are just a few of the recent strange and bizarre finds happening in the world.
  • Necrofeelya

This is disgusting on so many levels. The winner of The News From the Muse Ass Clown Award goes to Lawrence Clement. What did Mr. Clement do to earn this illustrious award? Clement was working for H.H. Birkenkamp funeral home in Toledo, Ohio and, while in their employ, was caught fondling the corpse of a 51 year old woman who had died from organ failure. Clement was fired, of course, and has been brought up on charges of abusing a corpse! How sick does a person really have to be? I’m just saying…

  • Disturbing Invitation from the Stupid…

In Charleston, South Carolina, residents of one neighborhood have received invitations to join a notoriously disturbing group. Now what is bizarre here is that the invites are coming from the Ku Klux Klan. Since when does the KKK solicit the public for membership drives? Now, the weirdness doesn’t stop here. One of the flyer recipients was a black girl! I mean really KKK freaks, is it not weird and disturbing enough that you are soliciting for membership by leaving fliers at people’s homes, but then you leave one at the home of an African-American? What is wrong with you??!! The National director of the KKK, Thomas Arthur Robb, said it was a mistake and that they certainly weren’t trying to recruit blacks. Seriously, Mr. Robb, the only mistake here is that the KKK even exists and that you are too ignorant to even realize your own stupidity! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

  • It’s a Miracle!

In Argentina, a baby that was born premature and declared stillborn was found alive by her mother, Anila Bouter, in the hospital morgue hours after she was supposedly dead. The baby, born 3 months early, was pronounced stillborn and taken to the morgue and placed in a coffin in the morgues refrigeration unit. Anila had gone down to the morgue some 12 hours later to use her sister’s cell phone to take a picture of the baby when she heard the baby cry out and tremble. She uncovered her face and found her to be alive and the father quickly took the ice-cold baby back to the neo-natal unit. The baby is doing ok and is breathing on her own. Anila named the baby Luz Milagros, which translates to Miracle Light in English. Luz definitely is a miracle and one can only wonder about the maternal pull that exists between a mother and her child. Was it providence or some other force that made Anila go to the morgue to take a picture? Whatever, it was it saved the baby’s life.

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Comments (5)

I heard about the baby, wow, something crazy lucky there for sure.

Ranked #11 in Media

Yeah too strange huh...Thank goodness the mother went to go take the picture...Jaz

The world certainly is a weird place, your article confirms it! Interesting, if not worrying read, thanks!

Ranked #11 in Media

Thank you Bridget...peace Jaz

Very interesting and entertaining!